Boost admissions

Attract more students and with a web and mobile learning platform tailored to your school.

Improve job placement

Make your students more attractive in the marketplace by equipping them with certified, career-aligned English skills.

Increase revenue

Include Voxy in your course offerings or resell it to your students as a supplemental study tool.


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Understand the true English proficiency level of your students and measure their progress.


Give your students access to personalized units and group classes based on authentic content and current events media.


Hire our certified, native English-speaking teachers to give private online classes to your students.


Prepare your students with custom career-aligned courses in addition to private classes.

“By supporting our international students with English language training, we are improving our new student retention and satisfaction. Plus, we love having the ability to tailor program offerings to our needs!”

—DeVry, U.S.


You need a flexible online solution that works as well for your school as it does for your students. We offer a full suite of customization services to optimize your branding opportunities, curriculum offerings, data management and systems integration tools.

Curriculum-Aligned Courses

Take Voxy’s curriculum and make it your own: Voxy’s team of pedagogy experts will assist you in mapping out a curriculum plan that aligns to your school’s existing lesson and unit structure, defined proficiency levels and assessment criteria.

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Custom Proficiency Scale

The Custom Proficiency Scale allows you to maintain your school’s existing level names, descriptions and pedagogical criteria, so that every aspect of your students’ courses adapts to your proficiency scale.

Custom Online Classes

Voxy gives you the ability to offer live English instruction with private and group classes on the web, delivered using video-chat technology.Our group classes can be customized to cover specific topics for specific groups of your learners, and our private classes are always tailored to the individual needs of each learner.

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API Tools & Integrated Reporting

Manage your enrollment and student data through the Voxy API. Integrate outside tools to easily transfer data between Voxy and your existing systems in order to enhance reporting and analytics capabilities. The Voxy API also allows for convenient, seamless student logins directly from your school’s website using single sign-on (SSO).

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Teacher Platform

Leverage Voxy’s cutting-edge technology to deliver your own online classes.With the Voxy Teacher Platform, you can schedule and manage private and group classes online, extending your reach and increasing the productivity of your teachers.

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